weekly menu

this tuesday we are finally trying to get back to “normal.” going to the gym each night. running. eating meals at home. being at home. together.

last week was tremendously hard. i don’t think i am quite ready to talk about it in this space. i am not putting pressure on myself. i lost two people last week. one, myrna, i wrote about her untimely passing. the other, my grandfather. i can’t yet put into words how i feel. i was with him when he passed. it was so peaceful. but still harder than i could have imagined.

so, we are trying to get back to “normal.” the best way i know how … make my weekly menu. i will just work on dinners this week since it is already tuesday. i am hoping to really make things from my pantry.

dinner: beef and quinoa meatballs and spaghetti

dinner: whole grain, oatmeal pancakes

dinner: huevos rancheros with black beans

out with friends! (baby shower … i can’t wait to see you ladies!!)

lunch: leftover oatmeal pancakes
dinner: out with friends!

brunch: cheese omelet
dinner: baked shrimp in tomato sauce over brown rice or pasta