a first in honor of earth day

technically not really in honor of earth day but it works so i will go with it. i have been reading about “green smoothies” for a couple of days. all the benefits shouldn’t be shocking but somehow they were. i have been reading about vitamins, specifically prenatals vs. getting the direct nutrients via natural, raw foods.

greens. we never get enough. our bodies can never get enough. kale is a freakin’ superfood and in my 29 years of life i have never once put it into my body. i thought it was decor for the plate.

now before all my carnivore friends think i am a lost cause and have jumped onto the raw diet wagon, relax. this is about making choices. sometimes i chose to eat a grass-fed, hormone free, ethically treated piece of steak. sometimes i chose to eat a sunflower burger, which by the way is amazing! today i made the choice to incorporate more raw greens and fruits into my diet.

today seemed like the perfect day to start. my teeth and whole head are just in agonizing pain because of the start of my invisalign treatments yesterday. it hurts to talk. to smile. sadly, to kiss. especially to eat. so smoothies it is.

so here is my first green smoothie. it is a little bland. maybe i will add strawberries next time but i ran out of mixer space.

here is what i did. 16 oz of frozen peaches with no syrup or sugar added.

then i blended that with 3 cups of water down to make room for the spinach. i added half a family size bag of fresh baby spinach. at this point my husband was laughing at me.

then 1 frozen banana and 2 tablespoons of honey. oh that honey. yum!

i think it is good. nothing that will win an award but it would have taken me days to eat that much spinach. and here i am. enjoying the outdoors. drinking my green smoothie.

it does seem fitting, earth day and all. how are you celebrating?


great idea, I'm going to try it- hugs and I hope your mouth feels better soon!