a fracture

note this post has a picture of my leg, wrapped but you can see some bruising and an un-pedicured foot. please note. it is kinda gross.

so after an almost three hour doctor visit yesterday i learned i have a hairline fracture on my tibia. what happened? well it is kinda a long story. a story that demonstrates how stubborn i am. but i will share it anyway. i first missed catching a softball last thursday night. it hit my shin. it hurt really bad. i thought i would have a pretty nasty bruise and that would be the end of it. i iced it all that night and friday because i had my big race on saturday morning. (can you see how my stubbornness is going to play a role?) i wasn’t in that much pain and i ran my race. it was a bit swollen after but again, not that much pain.

since saturday my leg has just gotten worse and worse. i never developed a bruise on the spot where i got hit, which i thought was really weird. i did develop deep purple bruising below my ankle. weird. by wednesday i couldn’t even lightly rub my shin without tears. by wednesday night straightening my leg hurt. so with weird bruising, tremendous sensitivity, and loss of mobility i thought it time to go to the doctor. so here we are.

a fractured tibia. i have two weeks to use crutches and put no weight on it. then i go back to the doctor for another x-ray. if no improvement, i will likely be put into a leg cast. please, oh please, let there be improvement. me. summer heat. leg cast. this is not a good recipe.

i have my handy bottle of 800mg of motrin that i take 3x a day and some anti-inflammatory gel that needs to be applied 4x a time. fun times people. here i am. resting. learning how to use the sewing machine peddle foot with my left foot. trying to finish up some last minute crafts for the fair.

can you see the purple bruise poking out at the bottom. that lovely color covers most of the bottom of my foot.

maybe a crafter on crutches will garner sympathy purchases. here to hoping!

have a wonderful weekend.