craft fair deets

here is the poster for the event. please note that the event will be on SATURDAY ONLY. i hope to see a bunch of familiar faces! if you have any other questions about location, etc. please shoot me an email.
i am wrapping up my patchwork pillows. i made one monogram pillow as an example and several “example” fabric choices pillows. i am hopefully going to be able to crank out four more different pillows.

you will definitely win something if you know what the monogram stands for. mothers and husbands are not allowed to guess.

i used a picture frame to display some of my hair accessories. i hot glue gunned grosgrain ribbon and clipped the bobby pins and clips on the ribbon. there are also a couple of linen summer scarves on the side.

things are coming together nicely. today i have patchwork pillows and 22 onesies to make ties for. if i have time/energy a mother’s day family tree pillow.

happy hump day!