is that a farmer’s tan?

this weekend we purposefully had nothing on the calendar. i loved the line from modern family when mitchell was telling his boss he couldn’t come in on sunday, “i have plans. i plan on spending the entire day with my family, doing absolutely nothing.” we all are constantly juggling plans with friends, family, chores, etc. it was refreshing to say no. it was thrilling to look at the calendar and see nothing planned.

so with an open saturday and sunday we decided to play in the dirt. get some sun. grow some veggies. and spend way too much money at lowes. seriously. too. much.

this is what we started with. do you remember a while back i posted about these blocks? well we painted and used them to build our raised bed. during the week we loaded up the concrete blocks with our mixture of soils. yeah. that was loads of fun.

after some prep work we moved on to this. lots of weed fabric. the husband said this was my job because i loved fabric so much. oh he is a funny fella.

and finally. we now have a beautiful garden. freshly mulched goodness.

all the boys seem to love it, especially milo.

i am going to start a lavendar garden close to the huge rosemary bush we have along the driveway. i am beyond excited about this.

we also found a citronella plant. go away mosquitoes. shew!

i also splurged on a lemon plant. i love lemons. and i fell in love with this pot. i know. i can be very strange sometimes. but doesn’t it just look like the best pot ever for a beautiful lemon plant. see you agree with me. i know you do.

we are doing a combination of growing our own from seeds and buying some already sprouted veggies. after some planting …

can you find the escaping kitty?

in the cinder block holes we are planting herbs and flowers that keep the bugs away. in our minds it will be beautiful! we will see. until then we are going to grab a chair. take some deep breaths. enjoy our work. look forward to the coming months.

and although we don’t see another weekend of nothing planned for some time, we have so much to be looking forward to. next up, bees and a four mile race. then a first craft fair. then a new puppy. which means puppy training. then lots of family and friend cookouts. yes. we have so much to look forward to.