it is definitely buzz-worthy!

saturday was the big day. we went to pick up our 3lb. package of bees. we were exhausted from getting up at 5am for my race but the adrenaline was pumping.

first let me introduce you to our queen. she came in a separate package with her attendants. during the next 3 days they and the other bees will eat the sugar candy to free her. then they get down to business. literally.

curious to what 3lbs. of bees looks like? this picture is for you!

here is all of our goods. along with sugar water to spray on the bees before we release them. they like sugar. it made them happy.

my shadow standing next to the smoker. the smoker and i are best friends.

my handsome beekeeper removing the top of the package.

putting some of the frames back into the hive.

on sunday we went out to remove the package and check on the queen. we were excited to see the bees flying around. getting used to their new home!

milo going to meet his new neighbors. he only got this close once. i trusted milo to get this close because he is so cautious and walked so slow. i think he only got stung once. maybe not at all.

sam hasn’t been allowed in the front yard yet. i am so scared. i just know he will go running and will receive multiple stings. i am not ready for that yet.

removing the package.

we are happy to report no stings. the head beekeeper was amazing! he went slow. never panicked. remembered everything that we learned in class and from reading books. i was so proud of him.