learning the abc’s

with the craft fair 10 days i am trying to fit as much sewing time as i can into the day. it doesn’t help that allergies make the eyes runny and an overwhelming feeling of “i just want to hide under the covers and sleep until it rains.” i was sitting in my craft room looking out the window yesterday and literally, i could see the pollen blowing in the wind. i do believe that was a first.

my nerves for the weekend’s 4 mile race are also distracting me. i just learned that we will be shown on the jumbo-tron at the stadium where the finish line is. there is absolutely nothing about me that needs to be shown on a jumbo-tron. the race has 2200 participants. this is hands down the largest race i have participated in. i guess some of the pressure is off because i am running as a mentor but the runner i am mentoring pushes me just as much as i push her. tonight is our last running group. hopefully i can get some of these pre-race jitters out.

back to crafting … my latest new pillow is a variation on the felt name pillows currently in my etsy shop. the feedback has been great with moms saying their kids really love taking the letters on and off. helping them learn colors and letters along with spelling their name. so with that the felt alphabet pillow.

what do you think? i love hearing your feedback.