more craft fair goods

are you annoyed with my craft fair posts yet? if not, you probably soon will be. it is all i can think about really. my mom is coming up tomorrow to help and we have vowed to only talk about craft fair related topics. hmmm … we will see how long that lasts.

yesterday i worked on baby onesies for boys. i could make some for girls. but seriously. there is so much cute stuff for girls. i am on a mission to make stuff that is cute for boys. and most of the stuff in my shop is for the females, so i am only going to feel a little bad that i left out the ladies for this project.

i think the ties for the shirts need to be a bit longer. but i am super happy with the way the onesies turned out. i am off to get some more sizes. maybe bow tie onesies? we will see.

i am going to have a photo album of products that i have made. if you have bought something from me and wouldn’t mind sending me a picture for the album that would be awesome! i am going to send out an email as well. thank you all for your support, feedback and kind words.