a harvest like no other

for us that is. i remember last year when we had our first “harvest.” 2 blackberries and 3 green beans.

this morning the husband brought me our romaine lettuce. he walked past me. i couldn’t see his face. then said he would put it in the sink for me to “deal” with before our weekend vacation.

please note the dishes piled in the sink. these are things i usually straighten up before taking a “blog” photo. but i thought it was actually a nice balance. we can grow amazingly delicious lettuce but always seem to have dirty dishes in the sink.

the way i “dealt” with it was by chopping it, washing it super, super good, and drying it. after it dries i will freeze it. i know, i know. never freeze lettuce because it will loose its “crunch.” but this is going to be my green smoothie lettuce so frozen will be perfect.

things i learned this morning while cutting my lettuce. lettuce smells delicious. garden fresh deliciousness. i seriously don’t think i have smelt lettuce before. i also learned that bugs may jump from the lettuce leaves you are cutting. they may scare you. so make sure you don’t drop the knife on your bare feet. oh yes. these are very important lessons.

that and i would like a salad spinner.


Oxo has a great salad spinner. I got it at Southern Season many years ago and it works great to this day. And, their annual sale just started.....Never heard of freezing lettuce. Have you done it before?


Nice lettuce!I had to get a salad spinner after we started growing lettuce too. I picked it up at Bed Bath and Beyond when they sent out one of those $10 off a purchase of $30 coupons. That made it a better deal anyway.What do you put in your green smoothies? I'm always looking for new combinations.