a little bit of everything

it sure has been a while since i have been in this place. a little bit of this, that and the other have seemed to rule my life this past week. so here is a small glimpse of the highlights. (go grab a drink and a snack, this is a long post!)

on martha stewart:
this past week has seemed so much longer. i think because i didn’t get any sleep the first 48 hours. we are all adjusting to having two dogs and a fearless cat. at times it feels like a zoo. but we know this puppy stage will soon pass and things will be calm again. i was reminded of this yesterday when i was cleaning out closets. i found a purse with a wooden handle that had tiny sam baby teeth all over it. i smiled. i remembered how quickly it seemed he wasn’t a puppy. it reminded me to enjoy these few months because soon she will be big. really big. she won’t need me like she does now. i then looked at my favorite pair of flip flops that has martha’s baby teeth marks in the sole. these two material things, with the imperfections of teeth marks made my heart smile.

she had a small surgery on thursday. to repair a hernia from when she was born. it is common in puppies but hers was quite large and could have been fatal. we decided, along with the urgency of our doctor, to go ahead and fix it. we were so nervous. 10 weeks old. but she bounced back like a champ. thursday evening she was hopping around like nothing had happened.

needless to say our little great pyrenees has just captured our hearts. her drool. her constant need to have someone in the same room as her. her desire to spill her water bowl and proceed to roll around in the water after each meal. her baby teeth that hurt oh so much. those baby teeth that destroyed my laptop power cord, while it was plugged in. the way she uncontrollably wags her tail when daddy comes home. (we all feel the same way) her instinctual stubbornness. when she gets excited to come see you she immediately starts with a hop. ears flapping. it brings an instant smile to our face.

on sam and milo:
our boys are adjusting to having a girl pup in the house pretty well. milo has yet to attack her. he smacked sam immediately so i think this is an improvement. great pyrenees are suppose to be great with felines because they allow the felines to have dominance in order to gain their trust, ultimately so that the pyrenees will be able to protect the felines. this same principle is true with goats, chickens, sheep, etc. so maybe milo can pick up on this and is more chill around her. she is still puppy though and does chase him. he is not a fan.

sam seems to be on a roller coaster. at first he was so excited. but then after being up, with me and martha for the first 48 hours, he was tired. (we all were!) there have definitely been some jealous moments. i will call martha and he immediately runs to me and gets between me and her. and since her surgery we weren’t able to let them really play. the funniest thing is what i am calling the “little sibling” syndrome. sam will go lay down. martha will come next to him and lay down. he gets up. moves across the room. she follows. he gets up again and lays down somewhere else. she follows. they do this several times before he just gives up.

here she is this morning, following sam.

on me:
i had a follow up appointment with my doctor about my fracture. good news, i am not in a cast. bad news, my leg showed only a slight improvement. what does this mean? 6 weeks of limited activity, 2-4 hours a day that i should be on my leg, and then more xrays. i have my swimsuit out and am gearing up to hit the pool in the mornings before the husband leaves for work.

during our weekly weigh in, i finally crossed one hell of a plateau. i was hanging out at 38-40lbs lost but could not consistently reach 40 or pass it. seriously, for a month my weight hasn’t moved! with the news of my fracture i knew i would have to start counting calories more consistently and start restricting more since i wasn’t able to run/walk like i had been doing. last week i passed 40lbs. and am now at 42lbs. lost! i am coming up on the anniversary of when i started working out and committing to changing my relationship with food. i would really like to hit 50lbs. lost. so that is my goal. more incentive to get into the pool.

on the husband:
he has been battling some sinus headache crap but seems to have bounced back. he came home one night and when martha and i were walking towards him he said, “how are my girls doing?” oh it about made me cry. for so long it has been me and guys.

he is so proud of his garden and it is doing really well so far. he is taking me to a strawberry patch this weekend (reminder!) and i am so excited!

he has been beyond supportive of me and my meltdowns this week. exhaustion is a funny and dangerous thing. he even brought home chocolate covered bananas from the grocery store last night. the back story is … when i was in guatemala i fell in love with frozen chocolate covered bananas. my family had bought a refrigerator (after about 2 weeks of me living with them) with the money given for my stay. the kids and i spent that first evening making a freezer full of chocolate covered bananas. i don’t think i ever appreciated cold pepsi like i did after they bought the refrigerator. anyway, my freezer now has a box of chocolate covered bananas in it and it just makes me so happy. see, it really is the simple things.

on my etsy shop:
i am offering a mother’s day special in my etsy shop. 25% off anything and free shipping. don’t see anything that you love enough to purchase? i will be adding new items that i made for my craft fair later this week.

so that is it. you are all caught up. i am working on closets. i have my three piles. to sell (hello ebay), to donate, to trash. i have a lot of clothes that don’t fit anymore. i am purging. it is healthy. it is also motivation. so off i go.