complete ridiculousness

that makes me smile. and laugh. laugh out loud, all by myself ridiculousness. that is what it is i tell you. we were all completely ridiculous.

it has been raining for 2 days now. not drizzle. rain. lots and lots of rain. good for the garden. good for napping. good for lots of things. not good for puppy training. but it is what it is. no reason to get upset. get mad. get frustrated. these pups are just that. and playing and splashing in the mud is kinda fun. i can’t say i blame them.

does she look like she got away with something in these pictures to you? she sure does to me.

oh trust me. she has the “puppy look” down. why is she giving me the “i’m sorry mommy” look?

before these pictures were taken this is what happened.

oh hello milo.

yep. she decided she was done in the yard and wanted to come inside. why wait for mom to come get her. she does what she wants.

so what did i do after i took these pictures? i did what i wanted no matter how ridiculous. i chased my girl out of the screened porch and i joined them. splashing in the mud. laughing out loud even though there is no one around. chasing dogs is good exercise. and i did run. they have big paws you know.

i may have even fallen in a puddle. playing in the rain and mud is much more fun than stressing about the dirty, dirty floors. they will get clean another day.

today we play.

Jeremy & Erin Morin
Jeremy & Erin Morin

HILARIOUS! I mean seriously, you can't get mad at that. Good parenting, Kelsi, I would've done the same thing!


hi rachel! thank you so much! welcome to my blog ... :) kelsi

Rachel B
Rachel B

Your blog made me laugh so hard- I was just looking from blog to blog and, luckily, happend on yours... Your dogs are adorable!