enjoying the sun

these past few days have been just wonderful. sunny. not too hot. (today it is suppose to be 92 degrees. i will just put this out there … i am not a fan.) so we all enjoyed being outside as much as possible yesterday.

the husband plays softball every thursday evening. it is a great opportunity to get martha stewart out and about. used to car rides. leash walking. people petting. it also good for sam to catch up on his rest. i thought it would be hard leaving him but before i was out the door he had made his way upstairs and was laying on “our” bed. having a puppy has been a huge adjustment for all members of our family!

yesterday martha stewart did so great on the leash. she didn’t have to be carried any. which is good since she is pushing 30 lbs. i packed a picnic and after the game the three of us ate out in the outfield on one of the fields. it was just wonderful.

here are some pics from the game. congrats team! they won and it was such a fun win. it is so much fun just being a spectator.

martha stewart was so much better this week compared to last. she really is growing up to be a special little gal. here she is watching daddy out in right field. he did great with two snags!!

all that cheering wore her out. she found my leg to rest her precious head on. by the end of the game my foot was completely asleep and i couldn’t have cared less.

and of course my boys. resting on the porch this morning. these two. oh how i love them.

hope you all have a wonderfully, happy weekend.