i picked this one for you

our weekend was spent outdoors. every minute we soaked up this amazing sunny, breezy, spring weather. for our anniversary my husband took me to the strawberry patch. i have never been. we started with two buckets.

that led to three more. we left with 20 and a 1/2 pounds of delicious strawberries.

already made is the first round of strawberry jam (8 1/2 half pints). my first attempt at freezer jam turned out pretty good. it was so easy. so quick. and super yummy! i also made chocolate covered strawberries and strawberry shortcake for our lunch sunday with family.

sunday evening our friends kirsten and zach brought their sons over to meet martha stewart. their youngest son, ander, wins the award for being the most brave. out of all the family and friends we have had over since we got the bees, little ander was the FIRST to want to walk over without strong encouragement.

he was so inquistive and asked so many questions. dylan, of course, loved showing and teaching about his hive.

hopefully he learned lots to share at school today and they will all want to come back to visit both the pups and the bees. (and since many of you are probably wanting to ask, no one got stung!)

by far the funniest question asked was by their older son, ben. when meeting sam for the first time and asking about the differences between martha stewart and sam, he asked, “how do you know which one is the boy and which one is the girl?” :) i promptly replied, zach i will let you handle that one!

we are looking forward to having more friends and family coming over in the coming weeks. we are so blessed to have such fun and amazing people surrounding us.