just hanging around

we are gearing up for a little vacation.

grocery shopping and meal planning for safe, food allergy traveling. laundry. packing. getting books and sewing activities together. cleaning the house for our amazing house and animal sitters. seriously, they created a blog for us to keep in touch with our gaggle of animals they will be watching while we are gone. how amazing is that?!

so while i am distracted here are what two of my four-legged babies are up too.

normal shenanigans from this one. yes, that is my new flip flop in her grasp. yes, she got it from on top of the stool. yes, her tail is just wagging as fast as it can.

some mid-day cuddling while mommy watches the view and eats lunch.

oh hi there martha stewart. yes, i am eating a peanut butter sandwich. yes, i know you love peanut butter. no, you aren’t getting any. well, okay. just a little bit.

i am off to get a haircut and a few more errands. i seriously hate errands. i think this goes back to me turning into a recluse.

happy hump day!


oh my gosh, this is why I need another dog! LOVE these photos! have fun on the vacation! :)


She is SO GIANT. Good grief. Have fun on your vacation!!!