muddy, muddy weekend

my husband. you all are probably sick of hearing me go on and on about him. i have had a rough couple of days. i wish i could just ignore stuff but i can’t. things impact me deeply. he understands this. he tries to make things better. even when they are completely out of his hands.

so this weekend he pledged to do anything i wanted. which wasn’t a lot honestly. i think i could easily become a recluse. easily.

we did venture out. the farmer’s market to visit my goat cheese lady friend. my favorite indian restaurant. super yum! red box movies. lots of cuddling and kisses on the forehead.

we also spent time in the garden. we are getting ready to eat our first cabbage head tonight for dinner. we can’t eat the lettuce fast enough.

is this not the cutest littlest broccoli you have ever seen. those huge leaves for this tiny broccoli.

oh we have some tomatoes growing. last count was 32 little green ‘maters. i am getting my recipes and jars ready.

more cabbage.

some new sprouts planted. cantaloupe. watermelon. yum!


cow horn peppers.

green peppers.

herbs planted. oregano. parsley. basil. lots and lots of cilantro.

the only constant thing around here the last couple of days is this. martha stewart is getting big. and she loves mud puddles. if you think you have covered them all. she will prove to you that you didn’t. AND she knows how to escape from her metal crate. this is twice we have come home anticipating for the dogs to be upstairs in our bedroom, where we left them, but we are greeted at the door by a fluff ball wagging her little tail as fast as she can.

we did a lot of sitting under our umbrella during the rain. watching the hummingbirds.

here are our new front door additions. a lime tree on the right. an orange on the left.

and, of course, we visited the bees.

how was your weekend?