on a rainy, cloudy day in may

we slow down.
we relax.
we cuddle.

just for clarification, the “we” is me, martha stewart, sam, and even milo.

martha stewart wanted out at her normal 7am. instead of letting her do her business and then going back to bed. i grabbed my slippers, a quilt and a pillow. sam and martha stewart joined me for some back porch morning napping. even milo joined us.

seriously, how amazing is this life of mine.

by 9am we were all ready for some breakfast and morning chores and routines.

then it was time to can. can all those delicious strawberries. i am just finishing up and have a good stockpile of strawberry jam for gifts, for just because, and for us. 12 half pints to be exact. plus the 6 i made the other day. well, i have already given most of those away. i can’t help myself. my new rule is, if i give you a canned good, if you return the jar i will refill it.

while i was canning this is what my girl was doing. she started her normal whining because i wasn’t in the room with her. but she wore herself out. clearly exasperated. (side note, is anyone noticing how big her paws are?)

please enjoy my baby girl snoring her heart away. can imagine what she is going to sound like full grown. we are a little scared. as of today she is 27 pounds and the vet says she is a bit too skinny and to increase her food. she turned 11 weeks yesterday. oh dear.

oh and ignore my glee soundtrack playing in the background. silly, silly me.


Sounds like a lovely peaceful day! What a cute snore Martha Stewart has. My little calico cat, Pickles, does the same things... whines when she can't be next to me, and snores all the time!