two problems solved from inside the kitchen

my morning started at 5:40am. on purpose. our gym opens at 6am. i wanted to get there and in the pool so i would have an hour to myself before the 8am water classes start. they are super popular and people start arriving around 7:30 for the class. so there i was around 6:20am. in the pool. by myself. it was positively amazing. peaceful. just me. completely worth getting up so early.

this whole puppy training is wearing me completely out. i mentioned the other day that raising a great pyrenees would be great birth control. because. seriously. i want a child. i want to be a mother more than anything. but even this puppy. this adorable, fluffy puppy has made me question whether or not i want to be a mother.

i have completely digressed. oh. right. swimming. so that is going to be my “thing” this summer so i can give my leg plenty of time to heal. and i can keep burning calories. but swimming completely dries out my skin. there isn’t enough lotion in the world to make my skin feel hydrated. so this afternoon i took to the web. looking for something i could make. the store is too far. i didn’t want to go out in the rain. i didn’t want to put the pup in the crate and deal with leaving as she cries.

i found lots of body scrubs. but i wanted one that moisturizes and makes my skin feel smooth. olive oil is my new best friend. so this was problem one. as i was searching i found a “gardener’s soap” that i thought would be just perfect for the husband. just this weekend he was coming inside from the garden and complaining about all the “green” on his hands that soap alone wouldn’t get off. voila! problem two solved.

first step for both: find containers. the sky is the limit, really. obviously i love my mason jars. these were from the thrift shop (thanks mom!) and have been waiting for something special.

first up:
vanilla hydrating body scrub

you will need:
brown sugar
white sugar
olive oil
vanilla (optional)

step 1: measure your container. my jar was 32 oz. then measure out your brown and white sugar. (maybe this would be a good lesson for arizona!) there should be equal parts of each. so i had 16 oz. of brown and 16 oz. of white.

step 2: mix sugars together. you can do this in a bowl or in the jar itself. since my jar was small at the top i chose to mix in a bowl.

step 3: add oil. i didn’t measure because the consistency is completely up to the individual. this picture is after about half of the oil was added. i would add a 1/4cup or so and then stir. remember, you can always add more so go slow.

optional step 4: add vanilla. i didn’t want to smell like olive oil. i had vanilla on hand. i added about a tablespoon, again, add as much as you like. some people are more sensitive to smells.

step 5: i used my canning funnel but a regular spoon would work just as well to transfer the scrub into your container. voila! i took a shower and i must say, smooth skin is a blissful feeling.

next up:
a gardener’s soap scrub

you will need:
white sugar
liquid hand soap, any kind will do

step 1: measure your container, mine was 32 oz. you want the sugar to be 3/4 of your container. so i used 3 cups of sugar. pour sugar into container or separate mixing bowl.

step 2: add liquid hand soap. i used what was in the kitchen and i liked that it was green. so i wasn’t picky. i added a little more than 1/2 cup. you want the consistency to be more like a paste and less like a scrub.

step 3: completely optional, add food coloring. i added more green. i thought it would be funny since the whole idea was to get rid of my husband’s “green” hands.

step 4: transfer to container. and you are done!

there you have it. two problems solved from items inside my kitchen.

do you have any homemade bath and body products you make? please share! i think i have found a new love.


I've made similar scrubs and they are amazing in the shower!


that is a great idea because epsom salt and i have become very close. so a epsom salt scrub is genius! thanks!!


I make salt scrub by mixing epsom salt, sea salt, almond oil, and essential oil (whatever fragrance I want). So much better and SAFER than most commercial products. Unless you pay exhorbitant prices for the natural products.