weekly menu

it has been a while since i have been responsible with my weekly menus and it shows. we have eaten out more, fun but not good for our waistlines or wallets. i have had more stress about dinners. we have spent more at the grocery store. so … with things around here finding a new “normal” i thought it time to get back into the swing of things.

dinner: szechuan-style tofu w/ peanuts

dinner: picnic at the softball field. roast beef sandwiches. some other goodies that i just don’t know of yet.

dinner: southwestern-style grilled shrimp taco salad, using our fresh romaine lettuce from our garden!

lunch: turkey and veggie spinach (yup! from our garden) and romaine lettuce salad.
dinner: cook out with neighbors and friends. not sure what i will bring. what are your favorite cookout items to bring?

brunch: oatmeal pancakes.
dinner: grilled buttermilk chicken breast, i am altering a bit because we are not serving 8 and i have chicken breast on hand. homemade blue cheese dressing on romaine lettuce. grilled corn on the cob with cheese and lime.

Monday (Meatless Monday!)
dinner: homemade whole grain, veggie pizza

dinner: cheese and salsa omelet. red roasted potatoes.

my anniversary gift to the husband was the charcoal grill that he has been oodling over everytime we go to lowes. so i am looking forward to having him grill us up some yummy dinners!


Thanks for the recipe links, they look yummy! I'm thinking about getting my husband a grill for our anniversary as well! It would be so nice to have delicious grilled food, not to mention the yummy and convenient grilled leftovers!


yes! come on over!!

Susan and Melissa
Susan and Melissa

Make room for me for the shrimp salad thing, that looks AWESOME!