a not so simply life

i don’t even know where to begin to update. bullet points. scattered thoughts because nothing seems to be organized these days. maybe just our vet bills. yes. bullet points.

husband update:
- he escaped the crazy this weekend for a road trip on friday with his mom to the mountains to visit family. they had a great time, ate some great food and he was even able to squeeze in a mountain biking trip. they all made it home safe sunday.
- the understatement of this entire blog is this … we were all so glad to have him come home.

(milo this weekend, spending as much time outside to avoid the craziness of the dogs.)

milo update:
- he is the sweetest, coolest cat there is. he missed his daddy like crazy but enjoyed spending some time with mom too. friday night he even slept in the bed with her. you know, protecting her.
- my favorite thing milo does lately is checking on the bees. when husband and i are out working with them, milo is always within a few feet. you know, protecting us.

(she got the most sleep of all of us.)

martha stewart update:
- she is definitely recovering from her hip surgery really well. the first couple days were rough but she turned a corner and is now trying to convince us to let her off the leash and to run around and play like nothing ever happened. thank goodness for her pain “will cause drowsiness” meds that slow her down.
- this weekend she was a total trooper. she didn’t get her normal attention and she did okay. she is sleeping through the night and following commands. “sit” “down” “go to bed” “go pee” and we are working on “stay.”
- she is becoming sweeter and sweeter as she gets older. maybe she is beginning to trust us completely. she was so timid in the early days. she still is high maintenance from the surgery because of the drugs and everything has to be done on a leash. which means i have to be with her holding the leash. it is all good, just tiring.
- she is weighing in a 41.6 lbs., last monday.

(how do you supervise two dogs that can’t be “free” to play with each other? equal time in the crate.)

sam update:
- my poor, poor boy. i don’t even know where to start. he is okay but had a really rough weekend. last tuesday we noticed some “scabs” around his face. he didn’t seem to be in any pain and we didn’t think it required a vet visit (this is tuesday, after martha’s hip surgery on monday!). by friday our “guts” told us that it wasn’t getting better and we should take him in.
- he ended up having to be sedated so that they could shave his head and clean what ended up being a nasty skin infection. the vet compared it to the “staff” infection humans can get. oh, and if we hadn’t treated it, the infection could have killed him. wow! did i feel like pet parent of the year or what?!
- so we were sent home with 4 weeks of antibiotics (which for a 100lbs dog, is super more expensive than you can think), steriods, and the encouragement to use benadryll. oh and a cone.
- good news, he is already SO. MUCH. better since friday. he didn’t sleep at all friday night so saturday i made a run for benadryll. that has really seemed to help him calm down enough to sleep. which means i can sleep.
- i will let the pictures of his pitifullest speak for themselves.

(sweet girl, loving her brother during crate time change.)

my update:
- i am tired. i am still a bit sick. but we all survived AND we are all slowly feeling a bit better.
- i have received a couple quilt orders for the monogram applique baby quilt and can’t wait to start working on them. it is so fun to “meet” total strangers that love my crafts. best feeling ever.
- i am going to be matron of honor in my cousin rachel’s wedding in august. i am having the most fun helping plan. she already has some amazing ideas and i can tell her wedding is going to be an awesome day! oh, and i am in l.o.v.e. with the dress i picked out. it is daffodil yellow, one shoulder, and has a vintage feel to it. yellow dresses with red shoes. oh this bride and i were cut from the same mold. need more proof, there is going to be touches of red and white gingham throughout. sigh. it is going to be so beautiful!

so that is that. a whirlwind weekend. and i will make this simple statement once more … we are all so glad to have HIM home.


I love your dogs. they make me so happy! and don't worry - we all have those pet parent days where we feel like we screwed up. that's the best thing about pets - they love us anyway! glad to hear you're all doing well and are on the way to recovery. :)