ah tuesday, there you are

i can’t say that my monday got better. it didn’t really. my car continued to be a destructive force for all the woodland creatures. a deer, a squirrel, a bunny, and a bird. basically the entire cast of bambi was killed yesterday. thursday is the day we take my car into the shop to find out the cost of the damage.

i really don’t want to drive today. can you blame me?

aside from the death and destruction i caused, our little martha stewart is becoming quite lovable and costly. during her last vet visit the doctor didn’t like her hip movement during the exam and recommended i drop martha off to be sedated so she can investigate further. we, of course, allowed this. so yesterday i picked her up and the vet wanted to talk with me. oh that pit of my stomach feeling. not good.

she has hip dysplasia. or she will. no question. AHHHH!! luckily, and i do mean luckily, she is young enough (16 weeks) to do a new, state of the art preventative surgery. juvenile pubic symphysiodesis has a 95% success rate, meaning she will likely not have hip dysplasia and the crippling pain that goes along with it. it is costly. but after talking with family and friends that have dogs with terrible arthritis and/or hip dysplasia, the cost is less now than it would be later. i mean the doctor was talking about a future of total hip replacement surgery. so yes. sign us up for this preventative surgery.

needless to say, monday june 7th turned out to be quite the expensive day. and that is putting it mildly. it could have been worse though. we laid down last night and both sighed that we made it through. we are still healthy and mildly happy (j/k) and that is the most important thing.

SO, vacation pictures! must. think. happy. thoughts.

kayaking is our new love. we finally have found an activity that we both can do. together. his long legs don’t impact me and my, well, vertically challenged-ness doesn’t impact him. (i.e. trying to run together. epic. fail.)

this picture is of the “adventure crew” before we set out. from left to right: the handsome guy brave to take out four loud women, my husband. the shorty below him, me. then my beautiful and engaged to be married cousin, rachel. my other beautiful and hilarious cousin, lisa. then rachel’s mom, my aunt bekah. i completely adore her. really, all of these people are just amazing.

and yes. i wore a sundress while kayaking. i wore a bathing suit under because i knew there would be a high chance i would be swimming before the adventure was over.

my kayak. my chacos. my pretty toes.

pure happiness.

oh how i do love this man. and his hat.

adventure crew 2010.

a successful adventure. a little red from the sun, despite my slathering of spf 70. it is all good though. i think kayaking suits us.