monday, monday

our morning consisted of the following:
- running late for appointment at the vet for martha stewart
- the husband realizing he had a flat tire and needed to hitch a ride with me and martha stewart
- martha stewart throwing up in the car before getting to the vet
- having to drop her off at the vet which is the hardest thing to do
- driving the husband to work and hitting a deer, car is fine the deer is not
- driving home alone.

yep. it is monday.

our weekend, however, was great. so i am going to focus on that.

on saturday lots of yard work got done. plus some puppy playing. martha stewart gained 11lbs. in 2 weeks. oh my how she is getting big. mostly tall. oh yes. she is getting tall.

this one may be my favorite. i swear she looks like she is smiling.

finally, her favorite spot. the mud. i don’t blame her. it is a lot cooler than anywhere else in the yard.

my craft show was on sunday and it was so much fun. i met some great people, sold a couple things, and have already gotten a couple of orders online. very exciting!

my booth. i changed things up a little bit from my first show. i think the signs helped and i tried to make things more simple.

outdoor music.

our courthouse that recently burned. it is so sad but they will rebuild.

wow! i just realized this is a picture full post. i hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

i am off to turn this monday around.