sandy toes

i am not a huge beach person. i typically don’t like getting sand between my toes. i am easily bored and fight panic attacks when just sitting on the beach because i am just imagining all the sun rays pouring into my body. which, of course, reminds me of the many, many, many dermatologist and hospital visits when i had melanoma skin cancer.

so yeah. i like colder climates. and lots of activities that don’t allow my mind to wonder off too far. i feel strongly that i can sit around and rest plenty when i have left this earth. while here, i would like to absorb as many different and challenging experiences as i can.

that all being said. i really did enjoy myself at the beach. and to continue along with my vacation recap here is a montage of ocean pictures. we spent a couple hours each morning.

and i didn’t mind the sandy toes.

my husband kite flying. more about that another day.


aunt bekah reading. i swear it was a different book each day.

dad and brother playing football. husband back there flying a kite.

yes dear brother. i did take a picture of you missing the ball. and yes. i posted it on this blog.

some of the ocean wildlife. we swam with both dolphins and sharks. not intentionally. especially with the approximate 4ft. shark.

next up … boating sites and adventures. the motor kind.