they make me smile

as i leave the office and head into the kitchen, i look out the window to find these two. well, technically i see sam digging. dirt is just flying. martha then jumps in the hole. see in the picture. her legs are missing.

now is he digging out of the kindness of his heart to give her a place to stay cool? digging to bury her? i don’t know. he normally never digs holes. but i laughed. out loud.

then i went to investigate.

sam immediately left the scene of the crime. pretending that he knew nothing of the hole. martha proceeded to show me exactly where it was.

see mommy. here is the hole. and here is my adorable puppy face. she doesn’t yet know if i am going to be mad.

oh you aren’t mad. okay then. i am such a happy puppy digging.

sam, keeping a safe distance from the hole. the one that i saw him digging.