travels above and in the water

i love the water. ocean water. pool water. river water. not so crazy about lake water. unless it is a really big one. then maybe. but yeah. i love the water.

given this, it should come as no surprise that we spent as much time in the water as we could.

traveling over it on huge bridges in savannah, ga.

and traveling on it on a boat on our way to daufuskie island.

we passed an ice cream stand. on the water. yes. you pull your boat up and order your ice cream. simple enough.

i fell in love with the trees in both savannah, ga and hilton head, sc. all so old and so beautiful.

the marshes where we went kayaking. so beautiful.

and, of course, those purely southern homes. most homes on the water in hilton head were overly huge and, honestly, boring to me. oh another beige monster of a home. wow. (insert complete sarcasm) but this one stood out to me. it was unique. and i think i could spend a lifetime on those porches.

here i am telling my husband we need a porch like that.

i just love this picture of my cousin lisa. her hat had just blown off. so funny. plus everything and everyone looks better in sunset lighting.

next up and my last of the vacation montage … kite flying love.