checking in

yes, we are still alive! wow it has been a while but we have been super busy. i thought i would check in, let you all know some of the things we have been up to lately.

lots and lots of canning. we just bought a pressure cooker and we are planning to make another batch of tomato sauce tonight. we have already collected seven quarts and a few pints. i love going into my pantry for dinner and finding homemade, home grown, home canned goods. it makes my heart so very happy.

we are growing! we being our martha stewart. she is really starting to show her personality and we are just falling more and more in love. she is playful but timid. smart and stubborn. sweet and completely lovable. i caught her trying to jump over the gate in the above picture this morning. sam and i were in the office, she was in the sunroom. she was not having it!

seriously, that face.

with the generous help from my in-laws, we are doing a bit of construction on the house. this is a project that has been in the planning since we bought it. i am beyond thrilled to see my design plans in action.

this is before any work. we decided to remove the french door connecting the living room and my craft room. we really want to use our living room and because of the doors we had limited space due to walkways, etc. my dad and stepmom are giving us their couches (for free!) when they are upgrading so we are thrilled to have additional seating.

doors and flooring removed. the guys are going to have to build a wall on the living room side AND on my craft room side.

thank you guys so much for your help!!

voila! a wall. now to the other side. then the fun will start. in a few weeks this room will look completely different. new paint. new decor. i am so excited!

i have received a huge order in my etsy shop! it is so exciting and i will be working the entire month of august on it! i am creating the bedding for a bedroom for a 2 year old and a newborn. i have to pinch myself that someone trusts me with such a special room. i am beyond excited!

so that is that. more big announcements and reveals before the summer is over. then we will get back to regularly scheduled blogging. until then, more canning, sewing, and trying to stay cool!


I absolutely know what you mean about the home canned things. I just love it as well!Congratulations on you big comission. That's so wonderful!