a pantry for a canning queen

well, not yet. it is in progress. and i am not quite sure about the “queen” part of the “canning queen” but it made for a cute title. so there you go. a not quite yet put together pantry for a canning queen in process.

in the hallway next to our kitchen we have a walk in closet. the previous owners held sports equipment here. hmmm that would be awkward for us. we use the garage for that stuff. we could have used it for a coat closet since it is closest to the front door, but we never use the front door. we use the back door and the closet there for coats and other various outdoor stuff.

so what do we do. a pantry! it didn’t have many shelves, only one side. so i put in a plastic shelving thingy and that has worked but not very well. as you can see.

this closet has turned into an eye sore and nothing like i have imagined a walk in pantry to be. so out with everything! (our dining room and foyer is a COMPLETE disaster!)

some spackle here and there. a little sanding. and we are ready for some new paint. that is the plan today.

yesterday we measured and bought our new shelving units that are adjustable and i am super excited about the potential for this new, functional walk in pantry.

our weekend highlights include:
- an out of town wedding with lots of out of state family that we never get to see enough of
- 4 pints, 1 half pint of tomato pizza sauce made and canned
- a bubble bath
- homemade, gluten free brownies
- a 1 gallon ball jar found and promptly bought
- super mario bros. play with the husband
- a healthy martha stewart
- homemade bread dough exploding all over the kitchen and breaking the plastic container it was in (i can’t do math and shouldn’t be doubling recipes unsupervised!)

off to prime and paint. hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


@hillary, as i was doing dishes this morning i looked up and saw dough on the ceiling! yep that is going to wait for the husband to clean off when he gets home!! @amy, oh my! that is the most gorgeous pantry! i am loving all the labels. thank you for the link!!


Oh I love the exploding bread dough part!!! Sounds like something my mom would do. I sent her over to that 5min artisan bread site and she's gone crazy for bread again, YAY for us. You sure did get a lot done this weekend. Good luck with the painting. Having an organized pantry is the greatest thing ever!!