a surprise adventure

saturday was spent cleaning the house from top to bottom (me), helping dylan’s brother move from his apartment into our house for a few weeks (dylan), and visiting friends. sunday was planned to be our resting day. my husband apparently had another idea because when we woke up he said, get dressed and bring your muck boots.

for rest day?? that doesn’t seem necessary. but i gathered my belongings and we headed out. first stop, an authentic mexican hole in the wall restaurant that neither of us had ever heard of. well, dylan had found it so i guess he had heard of it. i digress. the menu was one page with a variety of dishes that i had heard of and some i had not. this is when knowing some spanish comes in handy. for example. i wanted enchiladas. the meat choices were chicken, beef, spicy shredded beef, tripe, and cabeza. tripe is the lining of the stomach. cabeza is meat from a roasted head. hmmm. vegetarian option please. the tortillas were handmade. and it was really good. not the typical american-mexican fare covered in cheese. you could actually taste each fresh ingredient down to the cilantro. and i do love cilantro.

then we headed to a small farm. a farm that had an apple orchard, peach orchard, grapes, okra, plums, blueberries, and more. the peaches were more than ripe and plentiful. we grabbed two large baskets and went to it.

i have never been to a peach orchard. the smell was amazingly delicious. we walked away with 50lbs. oh i have lots of plans for these beauties. more blog posts to come. today is going to be my prep day.

the gala and courtland apples were ready to be picked ahead of schedule. well i couldn’t resist. while picking the courtland variety we found these little birds. oh my. so sweet. i absolutely can not wait until our apple trees are ready to be picked.

it was a such a wonderfully, simple happy day. the kind of day we needed. it is moments like these that reassure me that we are going to be okay. on that note, thank you all so much, from the bottom of my heart for your messages, notes, comments, and emails. i probably won’t respond to each but please know that every word you said filled my heart with love.

it isn’t everyday that i feel in such a direct way how much we are loved. i am a lucky girl.