canning labels

canning labels. when giving gifts i usually tie a bow with simple ribbon and add a tag. well that just seemed ridiculously excessive for all the canning that is going to be sitting in my pantry for our own use. but i did want something cute. i worked super hard and wanted something attractive to fill the pantry shelves. (that are soon to be built!)

i looked around the house and found a pile of scrapbook paper. note, i am not a scrapbook person. but i did have a pile of paper that wasn’t being used and i had a light bulb moment. so i measured my lid tops and went to work on the mac. i seriously love our mac.

so this afternoon i sat and cut so. many. circles.

and then the fun part. putting my pretty, simple, and cheap labels on my jars.

some out of state family is visiting on thursday and the house is a major disaster zone. with a wall being constructed. a walk in pantry with shelves in the making. craft room stuff in the dining room. canning stuff … well everywhere. it is going to be a fun 48 hours of figuring out where people can sit.

but it is fun to have guests and as long as they can hurdle the paint cans we will all be good.


very nice!!!