date weekend

ups and downs. story of my life these past few weeks. hormonally and literally.

this tree at the front of our neighborhood resulted in a very hot, unpleasantly sweaty night trying to go to sleep. luckily this was all the damage and it is already cleaned up. the husband was a bit disappointed he wasn’t able to go and get some wood to add to our growing wood pile. i guess when you live out here free wood goes quick!

date night was great. the husband had a wonderful surprise planned and it was just perfect. a small town practically right across the street from us has a fun front porch concert series every summer. ( we have been wanting to go before we even moved out here. so friday night we went.

the style was “rockabilly.” i thought that was the name of the group, shows you how much i know about the genre, rockabilly. but i really liked it. live music for me is always entertaining and fun. the band was “straight 8′s” and consisted of drums, an electric guitar, and a bass.

here is a sampling. next week it is the “gravy boys.” i am already excited!

saturday afternoon martha stewart didn’t feel well. we think she had a small uti infection (yeah for the internets!) and decided to stay home with her (boo for emergency vet hospital costs!) and try some homeopathic meds. so we soaked her dry food in cranberry juice. success. we encouraged her to drink lots of water by adding beef broth. success.

unfortunately this is how i spent saturday night. this is how the husband found his girls sunday morning. needless to say, we were worn out from a very long night. good news is she is feeling better, not 100%, so it is still unclear about a vet visit.

with a sick pup we decided to eat in sunday evening. here is a loaf from my new bread book. i am beyond proud of myself, so yes, i am presently tooting my own horn! i served it with lemon chicken pasta. super yum.

and yes, we are still painting samples all over the place. we have decided for the living room the “iced chocolate” which is the first one from the left (closest to the fireplace) on the back wall. now to stay with yellow or go with a much lighter, coordinating warm white to match the brown. yellow is hard.

today is filled with rest, a basket full of tomatoes that need attention, and canning labels. i can’t wait to show you the labels i came up with.

i hope you all had a nice and enjoyable weekend.