happy birthday milo!

milo doesn’t get enough face time on this blog. i know this. often it is because he is outside during the mornings when i bring out the camera for blog photos. he celebrated his 8th birthday over the weekend.

he is the first pet dylan and i got when we first moved in together. and since he is still the one in control. he doesn’t let two 100+ lb. dogs get the best of him. for example, see below.

sleeping in sam’s bed.

i will be completely honest. milo is outside so it is okay. plus he can’t read. i am not a cat person. i don’t understand them. i am a dog person. but i have always said that although i am not a cat person, i am a milo person. because truth be told, he is a really cool cat.

he helps keep watch over the bees. dylan and i never go unassisted when we work them. milo is always keeping a watchful eye over us and the bees.

most mornings he can be found here. in our garden. he does love to catch salamanders. plus the bird feeder is just outside the garden fence.

most afternoons he is here. on the screened back porch. he uses our furniture more than we do. it makes me so happy to walk past the door and see him stretched out.

we love our new home. our land. our new community. we were most nervous about milo because lets face it, there are some pretty big animals out here. but he absolutely loves it. in our suburban home before, we never knew where he was. now, we can almost always find him close by. every night we bring him inside and he falls asleep with us.

happy birthday milo!


Happy Birthday Milo!Our Columbo is going to be eight this month too. He'd love to get out like Milo does, but he's never been allowed outdoors before (we lived places where it would have been dangerous), so when we thought he'd probably end up in trouble. I'm glad to see Milo loves it so much. We might have to re-visit the allowing Columbo outside question.