peach love

i don’t think i have ever appreciated the smell like i do now. they were more fun to pick than strawberries. the smells rival apples when cooking. i think i may be falling love. with peaches.

yesterday was my first attempt at peach jam and peach butter. to be honest, i really didn’t know what i was doing. and since i am not telling lies, i did cry several times. i blame my raging hormones from the miscarriage. i am up and then down. i feel like if i was still in graduate school i could be a case study.

case in point. i am stirring the peaches for the jam. stirring away. i have never done this before, meaning i don’t know what it is suppose to look like at this point. but i convinced myself that i was doing it all wrong. then tears. serious tears. then i pulled myself together and continued stirring. and what do you know. the jam turned out great. both the consistency and taste.

we picked several varieties of peaches. i thought the colors were so beautiful. some pink. some white. some the classic yellow.

my two taste testers (my husband and his brother) had biscuits with dinner last night and sampled all the goods. they approved.

today is sliced peaches in light syrup, honey spiced peaches, and peach pie filling. hmmm. see i am indeed falling in love.


Oh yum! I love the light in your kitchen, it makes great photos. And the canned goods look so homey.I've never done anything much with peaches myself. My husband is always against actually paying for produce unless it's pennies a pound, lol. I can't wait till my own peach trees are producing!I understand exactly about getting so frustrated with not knowing whether you're doing something right that you end up crying. But now you've learned and it sounds like you did great! :)