peaches, labels, and upcoming

peach butter. oh my word. where have you been my whole life? yesterday the kitchen was filled with peaches, again. peach butter in one pot while i am peeling and slicing away for the sliced peaches.

several people asked how i peel peaches. before i started canning peaches, i did a lot of reading and figured i would do it the old-fashioned way, blanching. oh how i hate blanching. but then i just happened to catch the pbs show “country cook’s corner.” the woman was making a skillet peach cobbler. (yes, please!) she mentioned that a serrated peeler was her best friend when peeling soft peel fruits. i immediate bought one and have L.O.V.E.D. it! it really has made peeling a peach as simple as peeling an apple.

currently reprocessing three sliced peaches jars because they didn’t seal. proof that i make plenty of mistakes along the way! i think the problem is that i forgot to wipe the rim before putting the lid on. whoops!

and my dining room craziness. i am working on creating some labels. i hate using the self adhesive ones because i, obviously, like to reuse the jars. the husband and i are working on building some shelves in our walk-in pantry. this isn’t even all of my canning. we have several quarts of tomato pasta sauce and pints of salsa already in the pantry. AND we haven’t even began with the fall harvest. a lot of the jams and butters are for christmas gifts. i am getting ready to work on salsa (from the basket of tomatoes and peppers) and taco/enchilada sauce. things that we normally buy but won’t have to throughout the next year!

click on picture to make larger.

just another note. homemade salsa definitely tastes better after it has been sitting on the shelf for a while. the salsa i made at the beginning of the summer was amazing last night with my goat cheese empanadas.

i just received these books in the mail. i am so very excited! i have been following this blog for quite some time and tried several of their bread recipes. but now i have all the tools and the books to really get going.

tonight is date night. the husband is surprising me with everything. i am in control, or try to be, in so many aspects of our life that it is a treat to have him plan everything. so happy friday all, next week more canning, painting, and hopefully some bread deliciousness.

have a wonderful weekend. remind those you love just that.


This post made me humgry, lol. The empanadas look great.For our own use, I just label the lid of the jar by writing the contents and date right on the lid, since you can't reuse the lids anyway.For giving our canned goods as gifts, I'll generally tie a ribbon around the top with a paper tag hanging from it.Have a great date night!