random thoughts and doings

first up. do you all remember playing the oregon trail? i mean. i. loved. it. this video made me laugh so hard i almost peed in my sundress. seriously.

my favorite lines.
“no shopkeep. just the bullets … just the bullets.”
“how did your brother get dysentery?”
“but we can only carry back 10lbs of meat.”

and i definitely made up “hilarious” names for the tombstones. i know i wasn’t the only one. i hope this all made you laugh and remember the fun times on the oregon trail!

next random doing. yesterday was pickle canning day! we had lots of cucumbers from our garden waiting for me to get them into jars. so yummy! next up. peaches today!!

and another random moment. my pup and cat. their relationship is so confusing to me. i think they actually like each other. maybe.

this is how i found them yesterday afternoon.

and finally a wall update. next up sanding. then more mud. then more sanding. then more mud. then sanding. then paint!!


Ok so the Oregon Trail, trailer!!! hahahahahaha that was so so funny!! My most favorite thing they said was "based on the Oregan Trail educational video game!!!" Awesome!!!!