this book has changed my approach to cooking

i am telling you. this book is amazing. and this one. even better. it makes me seem like an amazing cook. with little effort. which is actually the truly amazing part. i start with my master dough recipe. i make enough to last us a week (the dough can last up to 14 days in the refrigerator) and then each night when preparing dinner i take out what we are using and voila. homemade bread.

the healthier bread is just as delicious as the full on white stuff. the kitchen smells amazing every night. and i hardly did anything.

and the pizza this master dough makes. out of this world! i don’t know if it is the baking stone that the book highly recommends buying or the dough. maybe a combination of both. but seriously out of this world. i challenge papa johns.

my disclaimer is that i had to buy a few essentials before starting. the baking stone, a food safe storage container for the dough, an oven thermometer and maybe some other smaller items. but i am strongly encouraging all my fellow kitchen maidens, try this book out and you will be the talk of your family.

now to pantry redo. the paint color is wicker, a soft neutral. i did have a moment when i wanted to do something crazy like hot pink or a bright purple. i do love color. but i came to my senses and realized it was a pantry after all. neutrals are a color too. tape comes off today and then shelves.

oh i can’t wait for the shelves (hint hint husband!). then it will be time to organize. i can’t wait!