while painting the pantry …

the pups were left outside. during a small rain storm. oops!

i was jamming to my “glee” pandora station and never heard the rain. plus i was inside the pantry. first coat of color today. whoot!

oh these two. sam is like seriously. just give us the treat. we are both “sitting.”

notice that martha manages to get between me and sam in every shot. this is how we live our life. martha is joined to my hip. i am okay with this.

just in case you could tell how wet they were. oh can imagine how good they smelled?! our little pup is growing (62lbs at 6 months) and has officially entered into the awkward pup/adult stage. some puppy fur ball hair, some adult hair. lanky legs. oh baby girl.

how about i not leave you guys in the rain today.