a lovely weekend

after my very successful wednesday of coming out of hibernation i caught a nasty cold. seriously karma? not nice. all thursday through now sniffle sniffle here and there. my trail of tissue leads the dogs and husband to my current location. ah i hate congestion! but i am slowly feeling better. and i am proud to say i made it to the gym today. yes, this is me tooting my own horn. honk!

aside from my pitifulness (i don’t actually think that is a word, sorry ms. kariher!) it really was a wonderful weekend.

the front yard was mowed and well, one swipe of the back until the mower died. that led to many discussions about these …

click on image for source

so if anyone knows of a money tree please let me know. it sure would make the husbands day!

we discovered on a whole foods cereal run that they serve gelato. it is so good. so. good. we did go there two nights in a row. i am not even going to lie. emphasis on the fact that i went to the gym today!!

milo did a lot of this.

martha stewart can officially jump on the beds now. she has seen sam for the past 6 months have all the fun so she now joins him. by sitting on him. he seems used to her sitting on him.

we played a lot of smash brothers on the wii. like a lot. this has become our nightly activity before bed. go and duke it out with each other on the wii. it is actually a lot of fun and causes us to laugh a lot, at and with each other.

and the wall is officially finished! it is now ready to be primed and painted. oh right. that is all me. i am a little scared. but excited for when it is all done!

so that is what we are up too. lots of priming and painting. dreaming of tractors. fresh bread dough is currently rising. i got four etsy orders over the weekend (ahh!) which is great and a bit stressful. three are the monogram pillows, each with a full monogram. nine letters in three weeks is going to be a lot! but i have my sights on some boots from london for fall/winter so there is my motivation. ;)