a menu for the week with a sprinkling of random thoughts

oh september, thank you so much for showing up. the crisp mornings. the cool evenings. we have found our way to our back porch again. eating outside is slowly becoming the norm again. this summer was so brutal. i am, of course, crossing my fingers for an equally brutal winter with lots of snow. mittens. scarves. being curled up underneath my favorite handmade quilt.

these thoughts are at the top of my little mind because this weekend we ordered a wood stove. a jotul f500. oh we are just in love.

it will be a few weeks before it is delivered and installed. but i am already looking at all the cooking i will be able to do with it. dutch oven bread here we come. cast iron vegetable roasting. yes please. i am just putting it out there that our house will be the place to be if there is no power to be had.

that exciting news aside, i will not skip over my excitement for fall. so welcome september. seriously, what took you so long?

and now for our weekly menu.

lunch: no salt turkey wrap, carrots and hummus, greek yogurt.
dinner: margherita pizza. my homemade whole grain dough. fresh basil. our garden tomatoes. it doesn’t get better than this.

dinner: out at our new favorite mexican restaurant. trying to eat healthy at a mexican restaurant is not easy. i see a day of smoothies so i can save my calories for dinner!

dinner: stuffed peppers. i didn’t make this last week and need to hurry up and use my peppers. i make this vegetarian with black beans as a substitute for the meat.

dinner: roasted chicken breast with balsamic bell peppers. side of mashed potatoes.

dinner: summer squash and corn chowder with tomato bruschetta. squash, tomato and basil from our garden! homemade bread.

dinner: chipotle bean burritos. homemade salsa. it is so good.

lunch: leftover bean burritos.
dinner: out with friends!

lunch: turkey wraps/sandwiches. yogurt. a veggie of some sort.
dinner: pizza night!