a productive weekend

the living room got another coat of primer. and then another. finally it is ready for the “iced chocolate” color. i am so excited!

one etsy order was completed and shipped out. the next big order was started on. three pillows with full monograms. i am really excited about how the new designs are turning out.

this floral print is one of my absolute favorites. i love, love, love the colors.

and another project in the works. yesterday i posted about our new wood stove that will be delivered in a couple of weeks. the stove is going to go in the corner of our sun room. the stone fireplace in our living room has gas logs and it was going to cost SO MUCH to have them replace it all. plus there was a high chance they would damage the stone work. so we decided the sun room. there are several advantages for doing this and we are excited. before the wood stove can be installed this is what needs to happen.

ripping up the old carpet and replacing it with matching laminate. oh and the goal is to have this room painted before delivery too. because once that bad boy is in place there won’t be any moving of it.

we are also gearing up for several months of traveling. next month, a wedding in the mountains. hotel booked. check. pup sitters. check. then in november, a wedding in chicago. pup sitters. check. hotel/flight/car. almost check. oh i am just so excited! then december. christmas in the mountains. a house that is pup friendly. check. whew!

it was an exhausting weekend. it was a good weekend of quality time spent at home. home projects and sewing is good for the soul.