and we are off …

the first coat of primer is up. why is it that rooms don’t seem so big unless you are painting them? i never realized how huge this room was before! :)

aside from a sore back and a blister on my hand it went really well. the husband and his mom and dad did a great job on the wall that used to be a door. thank you so much for helping us don and lorna!!

today i have my first session with a new personal trainer. she is an instructor from the gym and i fell in love with her intensity after about 5 mins. of one of her classes. i am a little scared but excited too. it isn’t going to be a regular thing, just a “hey! lets kick this off on the right foot” kinda thing.

in other news, an etsy yo-yo necklace is going out tomorrow and then i start working on the other three pillow orders. here are some of the pillows i have been working on. some customers have expressed that it is difficult for them to imagine all the color choices so i have decided to make up some pillows with different fabrics. this way you can get an idea or see exactly what you want.

which one is your favorite?


Oh, I love that second one!! I wish it matched something in our house.