boot love

so the other day i mentioned that i am saving up for a pair of boots that are from a store in london. i thought they deserved a post just about them. so here i go.

i am usually not all about consumerism. i typically don’t lust after items that are tangible. i splurge on clothing when it is full price at old navy. hardly designer. (do you feel a “but” coming on?)

but …

these boots. they are amazing. last fall i bought a pair of black ones. they were my wardrobe staple. i have yet to find jeans that are super comfortable. for my body type, which is ever changing, leggings and a short dress are the most comfortable outfit i can have on. lucky for me, that style is popular right now. the problem that i faced last year was finding the perfect knee high boot that fit around my calfs. my calfs are probably the only part of my body that is not overweight. they are extremely muscular due to many years playing various sports. needless to say, i can walk into a store and expect a knee high boot to fit. so i hit the internet.

i found duo boots.

you measure your calf. you measure your foot. they make the boot to fit you. narrow calfs. wide calfs. just want a custom boot to fit you? it is perfect. they are pricey and the shipping is ridiculous. but i lived in these boots last year. so this year i am saving up for a brown pair.

i hope that helps you ladies out there looking for the perfect fall/winter boot that actually fits.


WHY, WHY, WHY did you have to post this!!! I have been looking for brown boots too. These are very well priced even with the exchange rates.