in all honesty

i have read your comments. i have received your emails. facebook messages and more. i love the comments. so much. i love that you all think i am great. and have my house put together. neat even. but it isn’t always so. cleaning is not a top priority. i wouldn’t call my house dirty (please excuse the renovation pics below!) but i feel there are far more important things to do in this short life and to experience than dusting everyday.

we are doing major renovations. major renovations = major mess. i am trying not to lose my cool. i have family coming to stay with us this weekend. oh my.

so here is my vulnerability post. i had a decision to make. talk about the crazy and post “after” pictures. or show my crazy. well, i chose the later. so a tour if you will. of my disaster zone(s).

my craft room. wall construction is almost complete. tools covering my table. no bueno.

our foyer. before it was simple. a cabinet, a mirror, a plant. a painting and a bench. now. a “tool and supply” shelf. quilt rack. candles. lamp shade. wedding gifts. paint, paint, and more paint. seriously. does any of this make sense?

enter our dining room. ironing board set up with … dog and cat treats on top. hmmm. sewing station because the etsy shop doesn’t close for house renovations. (thank goodness!!) ladders. step stools. oh my.

our sun room. carpet ripped up. couch moved. tables all moved. entertainment center relocated to guest room. this is the corner our wood stove will be taking residence. next up. floor installation and painting the room.

i interrupt this tour to show my pups. they have no idea what is going on but enjoy trying to “find” trouble. a screwdriver is not a chew toy martha stewart. no sam, i don’t need daddy’s slippers.

evidence of how big martha stewart is getting compared to my already huge golden retriever. oh she is a happy girl though. that tail is constantly going.

our living room almost finished. well, for now. my christmas present will change this all up. hint: these couches are going back into the sunroom. and the rug is just going. but for now it is coming together. we absolutely LOVE spending evenings in here watching our new fall shows.

our office/guest room. words don’t even matter. it is a disaster.

so there you go. no “cropping” to hide the mess. i hope my disaster helps you all feel a bit better about your own. and if anyone would like to come over, bring large trash bags and painting brushes!