pantry final touches

my pantry is finally complete! i finished some organization final touches and couldn’t wait to share. first up my thrift store cork board. various articles i found helpful from magazines. where to store food items. how to cook with dried beans. seed savers for our garden. and most important, how to pick a sweet potato. i do love sweet potatoes.

and i do love etsy. not only has it allowed me to stay home and create things that i love for people, it also is a one stop shop for what i am looking for. once i found my cork board i really wanted to find cute fabric push pins. to etsy i went. i found this adorable shop and bought a set of push pins.

they are super cute and make me smile whenever i go into the pantry. exactly what i was looking for. thanks paper pumpkin!

next up a two year and growing stack of my favorite magazines. i wait for the subscriptions to be super cheap on amazon and then i pounce. my stack includes martha stewart everyday (sadly i was disappointed in this pocket version of her real magazine), cooking light (i love, love, love!), country living (again, i will be a life long subscriber), oprah (very disappointed), and real simple (super love!). anyway this stack was huge. each month i folded pages of decorating tips and recipes but i never went through the magazine again.

so i came up with these little gems when i found them at walmart on the clearance isle.

the brown folder is for home ideas. organization tips. how to save energy. pruning. decorating ideas. and gift ideas.

the green one is for food. all the recipes that i have been wanting to try but forget about come weekly menu time. no more!

each page has a sheet protector so the recipe won’t get ruined. yes, i am that messy! but is followed up by a blank white page that i can add notes and variations that worked/didn’t.

i cleared off three bookshelves of magazines that have all been removed and recycled. it was not only a huge space saver but the goal is to be able to locate recipes/ideas easily and readily.

what home tips for organizing recipes/ideas do you use?


You are so organized! I love your binders with clear covers for magazine pages of interest. I did finally go through most of my stash of magazines, but I didn't display them as nicely as you did, all perfect in books. LOVE it! And, thank you for the Push Pin feature! We are so happy that you love your new pins. Your board looks fresh and pretty! ♥ Kathy