research, research, research

the challenge … find my golden retriever’s lineage. got it. then compare said lineage with that of grand champion many years over “gold rush charlie.” done. i wish i could write and say that mister gold rush charlie did not have anything to do with my sam. but i cannot. (after all, i always knew my sam was a champion!)

after spending many, many, many exhausting hours crossing my eyes looking at generations upon generations of golden retrievers. i found it. the link. the connection. a direct 9th generation on sam’s father’s side and a 6th generation on his mother’s.

first can we just think about the amount of dogs researched to get nine generations!

so now what. well that is the million dollar question. not exactly a million dollars but you get the point. the husband is going to call the ophthalmologist today and talk with her about the newest publication stating that anti-inflammatory drops don’t impact the progress of the disease. it seems that there is just not enough known. it also seems that this is going to be a wait and see condition.

it is unbelievably frustrating. i am remaining hopeful that (a) he will be part of the 46% of goldens with this disease that do not develop glaucoma, (b) we caught this tremendously early and by the time the disease progresses more will be known to treat glaucoma so he won’t go blind, or (c) by chance the ophthalmologist was wrong.

i know more than i knew a day ago. knowledge is power. even if it means not sleeping well. what i do know for sure is that we will continue to love this dog and give him the best life possible. even if that means letting him sleep on the bed with muddy paws.


Your husband is muy caliente.