where am i suppose to be right now?

how many projects do you have going at one time?

are you a “must finish one project before starting another” one type of person?

i really wish i was.

alas there is no hope for me.

i always have several projects going on at one time. sometimes three, other times five, and at other times … well, i just have no idea.

and right now.

i have no idea.

i blame the wood stove. it all started when we made plans to put the wood stove in the sun room. in order to put the wood stove in the sun room, we had to move our “living/television” into the actual living room. which meant removing doors and building walls. painting. re cabling and networking. and that was just the new living room.

in the sun room we need to also paint. remove carpet and replace with flooring.

the list goes on. so many projects. so many new things going on.

- painting, essentially four rooms. two, simultaneously. i am not sure how that is happening.
- flooring
- etsy orders, another one, so now 11 monogram letters. oh my fingers.
- appointments: dentist, eye, puppy, hair
- new gym class twice a week. on top of new gym workouts five times a week.
- carpooling together. meaning i am driving two hours a day.
- new running group starting.
- volunteering
- handmade wedding gifts. three in the next two months.
- traveling to weddings.
- family coming to stay with us.

yeah. i am sure i am skipping some stuff. oh cleaning the house. that seems to be being neglected. deep breaths in. and out.

all these projects are really, really exciting. honestly. being active in the gym. super great. being active in the community and volunteering with the running group. super fun and exciting. etsy shop doing well. awesome! carpooling together. actually a great way to spend time just talking without distractions like television or puppies.

i am really not trying to “cry me a river.” seriously. it is just a lot. all at once. you all have those moments. right?

deep breaths in. and out. i got this.


I understand completely! Even really great things can cause stress.Sometimes I wish I were a finish one project before I begin another one kind of person, but honestly, maybe that would mean I'd never get to start new projects?Good luck with all of yours!