while cleaning …

i put the pups upstairs. it is super wet and still raining (thank goodness!) which means super dirty dogs. so upstairs they went. sam usually ends up on the bed. i put down a “dog” quilt so that he doesn’t get on our comforter. no biggie.

martha has recently realized she can also get on the bed. she usually doesn’t do this on her own. she has been quite comfortable in sam’s dog bed on the floor. (she still sleeps in the crate so sleeping on his dog bed seems to be quite the treat for her!)


i am dragging the vacuum upstairs to find this.

if we don’t look at her maybe she won’t see us.

“nah she doesn’t seem too upset. i bet these pictures are going on her blog!” – martha

“i used to be the only pup in the pictures. now you hog the front and center shots!” – sam

we are off to the ophthalmologist for sam. wish us luck. mostly for sam and his health. but also for our wallets.


Love the cute doggie pics!Sorry I haven't commented in a bit, I've been wanting to sympatized with your post about getting hurt just as you're getting in the groove with working out, but I generally look at blogs with my phone, and can't seem to comment on yours from it. Anyway, I completely sympathize and hope you'll be feeling better soon.Good luck Sam!