you know what sucks?

having another stress fracture. it is actually pretty damn stressful. and painful. and, well, it just sucks. and i don’t even like using the word “sucks.” but it does.

stress fracture in my foot. for two weeks i have been walking around and going to the gym in pain. x rays showed the hairline fracture in my sesamoid. yeah i am learning lots of bone names. basically my big toe hurts to bend. and well. bending is helpful when walking.

10 – 14 days of “rice” … rest, ice, compress, elevation. seriously?! i am trying to create good habits after my month of hibernation. damn foot.

this is no bueno.

i guess it is good fall shows are back. i will be found laid back watching and working on etsy embroidery orders. it doesn’t sound so bad. except for the fact it is easier for me to fall back into “laid back on the couch” kelsi vs. the “going to the gym everyday” kelsi.