you say what? no way!

i just realized that this is my 400th post! there should definitely be a giveaway!! i will come up with a giveaway and post later this week to celebrate! i have loved blogging. it has been my outlet for everything from crafts, food, heartaches, stories, etc. basically it has been a collection of my simple journey on this earth. thank you all for coming along with me.

this weekend we were super busy and in a really good, productive way!

we went to our county bee field day on saturday. i do love our bees. in the mornings i sit outside and spend some quality alone time with milo and we watch the bees. they are fascinating, especially in the mornings.

we did a LOT of painting and have almost finishing our living room! i have to paint the new trim, where there once was two french doors, and then done.

i would just like to note that although the husband appears to be doing all the work in the photographs, i did in fact to do a lot of painting. in fact, if you are over our our house, feel free to comment on the detail edging. i spent all day sunday there.

tonight we are moving furniture back in and building our television cabinet. super, super fun. the final touches in terms of decor won’t be finished until christmas. i am getting a big present for the house and can’t wait! i also need an old wooden ladder that is quite large.

since we were inside most of the weekend painting, the pups were left to entertain themselves. guess which one caused the most trouble? and by trouble, we just shake our heads.

no worries martha. we didn’t want that tree to be there anyway. prune away my dear.

oh, hey mom.

sam, on his way, to get in on the camera action.

hey big guy! i am going to try to get a picture of the two of them side by side. the other morning i asked dylan (in all seriousness) if he thought sam was feeling okay because i thought he had lost some weight and just generally looked “smaller.”

yeah. sam isn’t shrinking. martha is majorly growing! she is taller than he is and is no where near full grown. last week she weighed 67lbs. total weight we are guessing, 110-120lbs. oh boy.


The color of the walls look great with the rocks in the fireplace. I can't wait to see it with furniture...


All the work is paying off. It looks great!