10 years of the fair. together.

my love of the state fair began in 2001. the same year my love for my husband began. 10 years later we are still loving each other and the fair. to look back over the past 10 years of fairs i thought i would do a little photo recap. join me as i peruse down memory lane. in italics are my current thoughts looking back.

here we are in 2001. really kelsi, a sleeveless turtleneck? really.


2003. the husband will kill me for posting this picture but i absolutely love this photograph of him. and well, this is my blog. and i think he is super cute.

2004. we witnessed a sweet potato pie eating contest. we thought it would be fun and entertaining. it ended up being really gross.


2006. we saw a dog show this year. it was pretty disturbing. looking back i realize i was more afraid of the humans in the show. note to self. in addition to not wearing sleeveless turtlenecks, do not wear shirts that show navel past the age of oh 30.

2007. my most prominent memory. going to the fair on senior citizen day. it was really hard to maneuver around lines of wheel chairs and the motorized ones but after 1pm the fair was empty!

our pup sam! we came home to find this in 2007. oh i love this boy.

2008. we fell in love with the folk festival.

2009. we fell in love with the food. hmmm nc state ice cream.

and the boys fell in love with the fried food.

our fellow fair goer and good friend david enjoying a fried pecan pie? i can’t remember. but it looked yummy!

2010. bees. it was fun to see the bee exhibit this year as novice beekeeprs. here is the orange county booth with its beeswax carving of the county inspector, don. he is well known and has taught all the field days we have attended.

fair food for the three of us.

one of the pieces of art that i judged in wake county won the first premium first place!

me and my love. sharing a chocolate covering marshmallow coated caramel apple. it was delicious.

and we spent quite some time in the poultry house. taking note for which chickens we want next spring. oh i am so excited!

so tell me. what is your favorite part of the fair?

Carolina Belle
Carolina Belle

you all are too cute. so, what chickens do you want for next spring?!