a beautiful mountain wedding

this weekend we loaded up the car and made a quick trip to the mountains. we left the pups and kitty in great hands as evidence by their blog. yes their blog. my brother in law matthew and his girlfriend beth set up this blog over the summer when they watched our family while we were in hilton head. this weekend it was updated. it is seriously adorable. written by the animals. martha seems to be the main contributor. it makes leaving them so much easier.

dylan’s cousin, scott, was getting married. we were so excited to learn that the wedding was going to be on “mcfee mountain.” mcfee is dylan’s grandmother’s maiden name. dylan’s father was raised here along with his two brothers and sister. a lot of the mcfee family still live here. dylan and i love to visit.

we all loaded up to take the ride up to the top of the mountain.

view from up top.

beautiful wedding. simple. sweet. just lovely.

me and my handsome husband.

little details that i love so much.

the bride and groom from below. love it.

cooking by dylan’s uncle bobby. we had such a good time with him, his wife cindy, and their daughters, madison and meredith. so. much. fun.

brothers. dylan’s uncles. father of the groom on the left. his speech brought tears to my eyes.

little meredith. dancing on top of cousin ben’s shoulders.

cake time! the cake was made by the bride, mary rose. she is a pastry chef. it did look beautiful!

mary rose wore button earrings. love.

congratulations to the beautiful couple! we had an amazing time and loved sharing your day with you!