a georgia family reunion

i have lots of family in georgia on my mother’s side of the family. we don’t see them hardly at all. it is really sad how little we all get together. my cousin jeremy and i have decided we must be twins from a different life. i adore him. we act and look more like brother and sister than distant cousins.

he and his husband have four boys. i have never met any of them! so this was such a big weekend because not only did i get to catch up with jeremy face to face (yes, we talk on the phone almost every day!) but also for me to meet two of his sons and for him to meet my husband.

saturday we made caramel apples.

i love dylan’s face in this picture. this was the first time he had ever made caramel apples and i do believe he had a good time!

lots of concentration.

we had lunch at the soda shoppe down the street. here i am with my dylan. such a cutie he is.

later saturday we all went to the wedding reception for another cousin, chad and his bride kendall. it was such a good time. lots of food, dancing, and almost non-stop laughter.

here i am with my cousin aubrey. she was my flower girl at my wedding. so beautiful and ridiculously smart.

side note: can we just take a moment to notice my non-gap teeth? i am in my last tray this week and other than a month or so of “touch ups” i am almost done! i love, love, love my smile!

group cousin picture. from left to right, me, jeremy, amy, and her brother chad. could i please grow some? seriously. i am for reals tired of being the shortest person in EVERY picture.

me and jeremy.

it was an amazing weekend to put it simply.


It doesn't matter if you're the shortest, you have the best smile! Wow! I can't believe it was such a short treatment time. Well, it might not have been to you. They look great!